About the Barstuds



About the Barstuds

Calisthenics are exercises performed without specialised equipment. Training with your own body-weight helps to not only build muscular strength and form, but also increases balance and body awareness.

Bar Calisthenics (also known as Street Workouts or Bar Workouts) extends on that idea, utilising existing playgrounds and council-funded exercise equipment. Taking inspiration from gymnastics, body-weight and traditional gym exercises, routines are formed to create high-intensity sets that challenge both the mind and body.

Brisbane Barstuds is a community located in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, their goal is to inspire and help train individuals wanting to take their fitness to the next level and beyond. We’ve met a lot of different people from different walks of life, all achieving realistic fitness goals. So if you feel like you’ve hit a wall/plateau or are looking to find a way to increase your fitness, join us at one of our bar sessions. You can find all the details here. There are no set requirements; we help people of all fitness levels.


Who are the Barstuds?

Brisbane Barstuds is run mainly by the four people below. Each of us trains differently to the others – click on anyone to know more about them!