Launch of the Barstuds Blog

The Brisbane Barstuds are a calisthenics-based fitness group located in Brisbane, Australia (which you probably already know, otherwise why else would you be here?).

Through this blog we aim to provide insight to newcomers though our knowledge and experiences. Our aim is to post around once or twice a month on various topics, including motivation methods, mental training and non-bar related fitness topics (e.g. diet, injuries, self-massage tips).

We will also strive to have an in-depth look into specific exercises, in particular the differences in technique between individuals. As each person thinks and is built differently, we aim to explore individual approaches to exercises (such as muscle-ups and levers) both physically and mentally. This may provide some clarity that couldn’t otherwise be obtained from watching videos alone.

Workout calendars and challenges¬†will also be hosted on the site, so you won’t need to scroll through Facebook to find them.