Meet the Barstuds – Part 3

I’ll be honest, it feels a little funny to write about myself. It’s a learning experience to say the least. One of the many things I’ve learned while putting this together is that there isn’t a whole lot of footage or images of me – I think it’s mostly because I’m usually the person behind the camera. That, and quite possibly that I’m very picky about which images of me get released to the albums.

As you may have guessed, this week’s Meet the Barstuds is focused on me – Media Coordinator for the Barstuds, Anji. Possibly the youngest and likely the least skilled in the group (but perhaps best and fairest? All rounder? Most improved?). I think it’s worth mentioning that when I started training I could just barely finish a set of 10 kneeling pushups. I was terribly out of shape – I spent a good few years prior partying my heart out. I drank too much. I was a smoker. I once ran to catch a bus and spent the next 10 minutes of that ride trying to catch my breath. But things are different now. I still go out from time to time and have a few drinks (and maybe a few naughty cigarettes) but my fitness is higher than it’s ever been in my entire life. I look back and could never imagine continuing that lifestyle I had before.

I have heard people say that they’ll need to do a bit more training before they turn up to a session – which is silly! Get strong at the session, not before! Take home advice that will get you where you want to be sooner. I’ll admit, I was a bit shy about working out in front of the others at the start. But now every Sunday session feels like breakfast with friends – we chat, we catch up, we get to know the new people, we do some exercise and watch the boys take off their shirts. (Maybe the last one is just me, though.)

I think it’s important to tell people and let them realise that everyone at the sessions trains at a different level. We’re just here to show you how to get where you want to be!

Angela Diocares (Little Barstud)


Training with BBS since:
January 2012

156cm (5’1″)

55kg (121 lbs)

Laboratory Assistant (Environmental Sciences), University Student (Medical Engineering)

Favourite move/exercise:
1. Anything circus!

2. Stretching

3. Burpees

Least favourite exercise:
Static anything (planks, wall sits, etc)

Preferred workout time:
Definitely mornings. Anywhere from 5am to 10am. Afternoons are nap time.

Why did you start?
Originally I started to help with rock climbing. Then I got too lazy to go climbing by myself (my regular climbing partner and I had conflicting schedules) and calisthenics was something I could do basically anywhere, in my own time.

(Also because I would never spend any time with Johno otherwise)

(Also also, because I don’t have to pay for a gym anymore)

Who is your idol?
Stephen Fry. That guy! I could listen to him talk all day.

I don’t really have a fitness idol. Maybe April Holmes?

What is your main source of motivation?
Mostly food. I reward myself with good food. I think it must be a filo thing. To me any delicious food is a reward, whether it be a awesome vegie-packed soup or Adobo or whatever. Love it!

I also really enjoy the feeling of being strong. It’s extremely empowering and has helped me to cultivate a new kind of self-confidence (something that has been somewhat of a struggle over the last 5 years or so) .

Most memorable moment:
Getting my first 3 unassisted pull-ups in a row. Or powering through the 300 burpee challenge even though I was sick.

Worst injury so far/how it affected training:
At the very start, I had a bit of tendon damage in my right shoulder that persisted for about two months. It was just an intermittent soreness that came and went, and of course, not knowing any better I kept training on it. It chronically worsened until I had to stop training that arm completely for 3 weeks.

It was a good lesson in learning to listen to your body and the importance of getting adequate rest between workouts.

Say something for the fans!
The largest component of commitment is motivation. Find your motivation, and everything else will follow.

You might have to look down to spot her: