Why Barstuds? | by Timbo – The Blue-Haired Barstud


How we came up with Brisbane Barstuds?

It all started in December 2011 at Johno and Anji’s place. We had just finished our Saturday morning ritual of sprint training at QE2 Stadium.

We were watching Youtube clips of Hannibal King and Frank Medrano doing bar calisthenics and we thought to ourselves “How can we bring bar calisthenics here to Australia?”.

So what is the first thing you do when you want to start a Bar group? You come up with a catchy name!

Now a lot of the bar related names were already taken by groups in the USA eg: Barstarzz, BarBarians, Bartendaz and Bar Brothers.

We wanted an original and Australian name for our bar group and some of the names we came up with were pretty funny:

– Hardcore Barz
– Callous Technics (get it, because you get callouses from bar calisthenics training LOL)
– CORE – Calisthenics Original Ripped Extreme
– Bar Beasts
– Another Shrimp on the Barz

Anji then jokingly suggested “How about Barstuds!”

Johno and I both piped up and said “Why would we want to call ourselves Bastards?”

Anji then explained “It’s not Barstards but rather Bar-Studs” it was a clever play on words and it stuck. Later on we added Brisbane to the front of it and the rest is history.

So if you are ever stuck on coming up with creative Bar Group names call us!

Linked below is one of our first ever video posts on Youtube enjoy: